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Account Overview

Congratulations on signing up for Sidrtax!
The following is an overview/walkthrough of the main pages and functionalities within your account.

Account Summary

Once you have completed your sign up process and installed the application you will be greeted on the Summary page as your initial landing page. This page allows you to select either All stores of a single store to break down the amount of state taxes that are collected through Shopify.

Do note that on the bottom right hand side as shown in the image there is a chat bubble where you can click on to reach our support channels for assistance.

State Sales Tax Report

From the left hand panel you are able to navigate through different sections of the page, above is an example where by selecting the Sales Tax Report page you will see an overview of your Sales Tax reports, you can utilize the filters to select the stores, states, periods, and dates for your viewing needs

Note that for detailed review on how these pages are utilized there is often a Help Center button at the top of the page, clicking on this will open a new tab within your browser and take you to a detailed explanation for how to utilize the relevant page

Example: Clicking Help Center button for the Sales Tax Review page will route you to the Sales Tax Reports article as its relevant help article.


Navigating to the Transactions page will give you an overview for transactions that will be useful for validating your sales tax reports.


Navigating to the Autofile page gives you the configuration page where you are able to Add Nexus states for Sidr Tax to file for you, receive the form and provide your signature for the Power of Attorney form, as well as adding your payment method for your Sales permit registration and tax remittances.

Note that you are in charge of which states you would like Sidr Tax to autofile for you, if there are states that have reached economic nexus however you do not need for Sidr Tax to do the auto filing you simply can opt out from registering that specific state.

You are also able to select the tab near the top of the page to view your filing history.

Economic Nexus Dashboard

Moving onto the Economic Nexus Dashboard will give you a visual overview of which states in which you have reached economic nexus and will be required to pay state taxes for.

just below you will be able to view your performances tied to each of these states and see their economic nexus status.

States that have reached economic nexus are states where you have reached 100% or above the minimum requirements for Economic Nexus status and will be under the category for States with economic nexus

States that are at 75% of the economic nexus threshold will be categorized as States approaching Economic Nexus.

Those that have not quite reached that threshold and are under 75% of the threshold will be under the category for States without economic nexus.


The following page will be the Registrations page where you are able to enter your registration information and apply for new permits for each state, there is another section here where you are able to enter your payment information.

Once Registration information is updated by the user, Sidr Tax is able to register for nexus states on your behalf.

If you have already registered to any states prior to using Sidr Tax you will be able click on "Apply for new Permit." and there will be a population field were you can enter your "Existing State Accounts"

Do note that whatever is added as the payment account whether that was first added on the Autofile page or the Registration page, is going to be the account in use for both Registrations and Autofiling, there is no distinction between these two pages payment additions.

Sales Tax Analytics Dashboard

The Sales Tax Analytics Dashboard is a visual overview of the taxes collected through Shopify, reflecting your tax settings within Shopify, do note that the view you get on this page are directly tied to the Summary page filters.


The Subscriptions page is where you will be able to view and select your plan dependent on the stage of your business and the amount of transactions you need to file per month you are free to adjust your plan as needed here.

Do note that you will get an automated message that lets you know when you've exceeded your base transactions per month, and will suggest that you upgrade your plan if you expect the sustained growth!

You are also able to select the tabs at the top to review your store connections if you have a multi store configuration as well as your Billing history.


You have finished the Sidr Tax overview and you are ready to start! If you have any questions, chat with us in the app at any time, and we are happy to assist you!

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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