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Sales Tax Autofile History

Access Autofile History

For Nexus states managed by Sidr Tax Autofile, we keep a history of all the filing records for you. You can access the history on this page.

Autofile Status

Upcoming: Sidr Tax will start working on this filing period soon.
In progress: Sidr Tax is currently working on filing the current period.
Filed: The current filing period has been filed to the State Department of Revenue.
Filed by client: The current filing was done by you. There will be no charge.
Paid: The current filing period has been filed and paid to the State Department of Revenue.
Not required: The current filing period is not required. This can happen when there is a schedule change, or if the schedule was previously misconfigured and we corrected it for you.
Missing info: Sidr Tax cannot complete the filing due to missing info. We usually reach out to you as soon as we find missing info.

Filing Details and Files

You can see the filing details on the history page, including the filing period, status, when it was filed, and the payment amount.

You can also click the "Get Files" button to retrieve files associated with the filing period. Please note that if the filing status is "Upcoming" or "In Progress", there are likely no files and they will show up later when we complete the filing for you.

Updated on: 01/24/2024

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