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How to setup Sales Permit Registration

Sales Permit Registration is an add-on service offered by Sidr Tax. We collect necessary information from you regarding your business entity and use the same information to apply for each state that you reached Nexus status.

Why do you need to register?

Your business is required to collect and file sales tax once you reach the Nexus status in a state. Each state has different requirements for reaching the Nexus status. To understand those requirements, you can visit this help article here.

How to setup Sales Permit Registration

Activate Sales Permit Registration

First, go to the Sales Permit Registration page. If this is the first time you access the Sales Permit Registration feature, you need to activate it first. The registration feature is available to all plans. The feature activation requires authorization to charge a maximum of $1000 monthly. This is not an estimate of how much you will pay. The cost of registration is $150 per state, and you will only be charged after a successful registration.

Fill out general business information

Start the setup process by providing the general business information. This information is used by most states to identify your business. They pull the information from the IRS. Please make sure the business identification number is correct. Most businesses use Federal EIN. Sole proprietors can use SSN.

Power of Attorney Form

Most states also require a Power of Attorney Form so that Sidr Tax can file sales tax on your behalf. Once you filled out the general business information, click the request signature button. To learn more about why Sidr Tax requires the Power of Attorney form, and the permissions you are granting us, please review this article.

You will be brought to our e-signature vendor Dropbox Sign. If you are not logged in to Dropbox Sign, you will be asked to provide a signer email. If you want this form to be signed by someone else, simply provide that person's email here. If you don't see the screen to provide email, go to Dropbox Sign and log out of your account. Come back to the Autofile page after that, and then request a signature again. The form will ask for the general business info again, so if the signer doesn't know the info, please provide that to the person.

Once you receive the signed Power of Attorney form, come back to the Autofile page. Drop the signed form in the Power of Attorney section.

If you asked someone else to sign the form, please ask that person to forward you the signed form. If you cannot get the form from the signer, let us know and we can drop the file for you.

If you see a download button, this confirms that Sidr Tax has received your file.

Fill out registration information

Please fill out the registration information section. To access the registration information form, please click on the edit button on the right. Sidr Tax uses the same information for all the state registrations we submit for you. This provides consistency among all of your state sales tax license, and reduces your compliance risk.
Here are a few important fields:
Incorporation State: This is the state where you first incorporated. Please do not provide your foreign qualification state.
Social Security Number: It's possible to register as a foreign national without SSN for certain states. Please contact us if this applies to you.
Physical Locations / Warehouse: Please provide all your physical locations and warehouses.
NAICS Code: This is the standard code that describes your business activity category. Use this website to search for your code. It's preferred that you choose a category that describes what you actually sell instead of the generic online retailer category.
Major Business Activity: A short sentence that describes what you sell. For example: Nutritional supplements for adults.
Tax Collection Start Date: This should generally be the next start of the month. However, if you have already started collecting taxes, please provide the first date that you started collecting taxes. You might need to backfile and pay a penalty if that is the case.
Streamlined Sales Tax: If you already have an account, please provide us with your login. Otherwise, leave it empty and we will create an account for you.

Please note that only the account owner can access the registration information, because this contains sensitive company information. To access registration information as a non-owner. Please message us.

Select states to register

Go to the State Registrations section. Click on the Add New Registration button and choose the state you want to register. You will then see the state in the upcoming status.

There are a few different statuses throughout the process of registration.

Upcoming: We have received your registration request.
In progress: Sidr Tax is actively working on your registration.
Applied: Sidr Tax has submitted your registration to the state Department of Revenue.
Complete: Your registration is complete.
Invalid: We cannot complete your registration. We will provide you with reasons and how to proceed.

Provide Payment Information

You will also need to provide payment information. The state government uses this payment account to collect registration fees. Sidr Tax will never use this payment account to collect service charges, since all Sidr Tax payments go through Shopify. Please click on the Add Payment Information button to add the payment information.

Credit Card: If you would like to pay with credit card, please let us know through chat.

What's next?

You are nearing completion at this point! The Sidr Tax team will review all the information you provided and ensure that you are properly set up. We will reach out to you if there is any additional information we need from you. You can come back to the Sales Permit Registration page to check the status.

Once the registration status becomes "Applied" and "Completed", you are ready to move on to the next step. We have a guide about what to do next. For most of the states, you will need to create an online login to access the sales tax accounts we create for you. Depending on the number of states you register, be prepared to spend 10 minutes per state to set up the online access. This is required because most states require external accounting services to access business accounts as third-parties, and we cannot create your login on your behalf.

If you need to set up Autofile, please set aside another 10 minutes per state. Once you register and set up Autofile, you will fully automate your Sales Tax, making your time investment here worth it in the long run!


How much does Sidr Tax Autofile cost?

Sidr Tax Autofile cost $150 per registration. We will only charge you after the registration is complete. Shopify controls the billing cycle and will collect fees from you once a month.
Some states also charge a registration fee, which is separate from the Sidr Tax registration cost. To learn more about state fees, please review this article.

How long does registration take?

This depends on the state, and can typically take from 2 weeks to 2 months. Once you receive your sales tax license in the mail, be prepared to spend 15 minutes per state to set up the online access. If you need to set up Autofile, please set aside another 15 minutes per state. Once you register and set up Autofile, you will fully automate your Sales Tax, making your time investment here worth it in the long run!

Do you support all the states?

Yes, we support all the states.

If you have additional questions, you can always chat with us in-app, or email us at

Updated on: 06/10/2024

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