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How to Install Sidr Tax and set up Multi Store Connections

What you need to install Sidr Tax

A Shopify account
Payment and subscription plan selected (SidrTax Billings are charged through the payment method on file and)
Logged into the Shopify account you want to connect to Sidr Tax

Install Sidr App

Once you have set up your account and store/stores you will be able to go to the search filter at the top of your screen and search by "app" and type in "Sidr Tax".

On the following page Sidr Tax should be one of the top results.

Select the Application and on the following page click on Install.

You will be met with the following prompts and click on install again.

Create your Sidr login

Once you have completed all the prompts, you will be brought to our app. You can now create a login by typing in your email.

After you click Continue with email, the Sidr Tax app shows Please check your mailbox for an activation/login link.

You will receive an email from Sidr, with the login link in it. If you don't receive it after a minute, please also check your spam folders. Please click the button that says Continue to Sidr Tax.

Activate your subscription

You will be redirected to the Sidr Tax app. The next step is activating a subscription. Sidr Tax app charges are process by Shopify, so you will see the details in your monthly Shopify bill.
Please choose the subscription plan that's suitable for your store.

Enterprise: For large ecommerce stores, and typically with more than 10 Nexus states.
Growth: For medium ecommerce stores, and typically with multiple Nexus states.
Starter: For small ecommerce stores, and typically with only 1 Nexus state.

To learn more about our pricing plans, please go over our pricing plan article.

You will be brought back to Shopify to activate the plan. Once you finish, you will see the confetti indicating that the plan has been activated.

You should now be able to access our app. Depending on the amount of historical transactions, it can take up to 2 hours to fully sync your data.

For a rundown of the Sidr Tax App please refer to our Account Overview help page.

How to Set up Multiple store connections

In order to set up multiple stores you will want to select the relevant store in Shopify .
Follow the steps to install SidrTax and this will automatically connect.
As you will see in the overview page, on the Store Tax Summary page, there is a filter where you are able to sort by stores (It will default to all stores and give you an overall view).

Updated on: 04/25/2024

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