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State Sales Tax Registration Fees

States That Charge a Fee to Register for a Sales Tax Permit

Although most states allow free registration, a few impose a fee, and some of these fees can be quite significant. Here are the states that require a registration fee:

Arizona: The state charges $12 to file for a transaction privilege tax (TPT) permit, which is equivalent to a sales tax permit in Arizona. Additional registration in individual local areas may incur a small fee. Arizona also charges city fees if you have a physical nexus in the state.

Colorado: It costs $63 to apply for a Colorado sales tax permit. Additionally, these permits must be renewed every two years.

Connecticut: There’s an application fee of $100 to apply.

Florida: A $5 fee is charged only if you elect to register by paper. Registering online is free.

Hawaii: Hawaii charges a $20 fee to register for a General Excise Tax (GET) permit.

Indiana: There is a $26 registration fee to register a business in Indiana.

Rhode Island: It costs $10 to register for a Rhode Island sales tax permit.

South Carolina: It costs $50 to register for a South Carolina sales tax permit.

Washington: It may cost $90 to register for a Washington sales tax permit.

West Virginia: It costs $30 to register for a West Virginia sales tax permit.

Wisconsin: It costs $20 to register for a Wisconsin sales tax permit.

Wyoming: There is a one-time license fee of $60 to register for a Wyoming sales tax permit.

Additional Registration Considerations

Beyond the sales tax permit registration fees, there are other considerations for businesses. Depending on your business activities in a state, you may be required to register for additional state-related activities. For instance, if you have income tax nexus in a state, you might need to register with the Secretary of State in that state. Similarly, if you employ workers in a state, registration with that state's Department of Labor may be required.

If you believe you need to register for more than just a sales tax permit in a state, we recommend the following steps:

Consult a Tax Accountant: A professional can provide tailored advice based on your specific situation.

Contact the State Department: Give the state's department of revenue (or equivalent) a call to clarify any additional registration requirements.

By being informed and proactive, you can ensure compliance with state regulations and avoid potential fines or penalties.
For more detailed guidance, reach out to SidrTax or consult with a tax professional.

Updated on: 05/27/2024

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