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How to register for a sales tax permit in Colorado

Sidr Tax creates the sales tax account for you. However, this state requires that you have your own login and we access your account as a third-party.

After Sidr Tax applies for a sales tax permit on your behalf, you will receive your Colorado sales tax ID, and filing frequency in the mail.

Setup Colorado Revenue Online Access

We will create a Colorado Revenue Online account on your behalf. You can find the account login information by clicking the Details button on the right-hand side of the Registration page

Setup SUTS Access

Once your Colorado Revenue Online account is setup, you can choose to also setup a SUTS account. SUTS is the newer system for Colorado sales tax. It not only covers state taxes but also covers a majority of home-rule jurisdictions. Our autofile service supports SUTS, and it's highly recommended that you create a SUTS account.

After you register, you will be provided an SUTS Account Number and Activation Code. This information can be provided to colleagues so that they can also link to your new SUTS account and manage it with you. This SUTS account number can also be used if you had questions for the CDOR support team.

(Optional, In-State Sellers Only) MyBizColorado Access

If you are a Colorado-based seller, you will also receive access to MyBizColorado. They will send an email to you about how to access. You can use MyBizColorado to monitor your registration progress.
Please note that MyBizColorado is for registration only. Your sales tax filings still goes through Colorado Revenue Online and SUTS.

Want to setup Autofile?

Learn more about the Autofile feature here.
Learn more about the Colorado-specific Autofile requirements here.

Updated on: 06/10/2024

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