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How to setup Autofile for Maryland

This is a state-specific guide. Learn about setting up Autofile in general here.
Just finished registration? Please read the registration guide first.

Grant Third-party Access To Your Maryland Tax Connect Account

From the Tax Account page, select Profile Information and Manage Authorized Users from the drop-down menu.

From the Manage Authorize User page, select the Add New Authorized User button.

Please enter Sidr Tax's User ID and Confirmation Number:
User ID: sidrtax
Confirmation Number: TU00000007217

Click the check box under View to select all accounts. Add an early enough start date (i.e. 01/01/2023), and leave the end date empty. Apply a Template by granting an Access Type to the New User. Select Full Access from the drop-down options.

After you save your entries, you will be provided with New Authorized User Confirmation page; detailing the Accounts and Functions the New Users has been granted. Click Confirm to continue.

After your have successfully granted access to the New Authorized User you will get aconfirmation message.

(Optional, legacy feature) Provide Access To Your Maryland bFile Online Account

The Maryland bFile Online has been deprecated. But you can still view historical filings and provide us access to it.

Updated on: 02/22/2024

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