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Alabama: State Tax ID vs Local Tax ID

What exactly is the difference between the State Tax ID and the Local Tax ID?

When you register with the state of Alabama for a sales tax or seller's use tax license, Sidr Tax will issue both a state tax ID and a local tax ID for your convenience.

Each ID consists of 14 digits, including a hyphen.

Here’s how to understand your Tax Account IDs:

If it’s a Sales Tax ID, it will start with "SLS".
If it’s a Seller's Use Tax ID, it will start with "SLU".
If it’s a Simplified Sellers Use Tax ID, it will start with "SSU".
The Local Tax ID always starts with "LCL".

Typically, the Tax IDs for SLS/SLU and LCL tax accounts differ by just one digit.

Both the state and local IDs are essential for enrolling in AutoFile for Alabama.

State Sales Tax ID Example

Local Tax ID Example

For those holding a Simplified Sellers Use tax license, a Local Tax ID will not be issued. In such cases, simply use your Account ID for both the State and Local Tax fields.

Please note, when you enroll in AutoFile Alabama through Sidr Tax, we handle the submission of returns for:

State sales taxes
Local taxes for State Administered counties and cities

However, Sidr Tax does not AutoFile sales tax returns for Self (Non-State) Administered localities.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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