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How to setup Autofile for Colorado

This is a state-specific guide. Learn about setting up Autofile in general here.
Just finished registration? Please read the registration guide first.


Colorado has 2 separate systems. They both allow filing sales tax, but there are differences.

Before we go over the 2 systems, we must first clarify the concept of home-rule jurisdictions. According to the Colorado DOR website: Cities that have enacted a "home-rule" charter, and which have elected to administer their own local sales and use taxes are referred to as "self-collected". Self-collected jurisdictions have the right to establish their own regulations regarding those goods and services upon which to impose their local sales and use taxes. Self-collected cities must be contacted directly for that information.

Revenue Online is the default system of the Colorado Department of Revenue. It provides functionality that covers almost everything, including filing sales tax and registration. However, for sales tax, Revenue Online only covers Colorado state taxes and doesn't support any home-rules jurisdictions.
SUTS is the newer system for Colorado sales tax. It not only covers state taxes but also covers a majority of home-rule jurisdictions. There are only a handful of jurisdictions not participating at the moment. You can check out the latest participant list here. Access to Revenue Online is REQUIRED regardless of whether you file with SUTS.

When filling out the autofile configuration form, you will need to select one of the 2 systems.

Please note that if you choose Revenue Online, Sidr Tax doesn't cover home-rule jurisdictions. If you choose SUTS, Sidr Tax only covers home-rules jurisdictions supported by SUTS.

Grant third-party access to Revenue Online

This is REQUIRED even if you file with SUTS.

Click on the Manage My Profile on the top right corner.

Click on More..., and then Grant Third Party Access.

Click Next.

On the Third Party Access Information page, type in our third-party username: sidrtax, and choose All Periods.

Grant third-party access to SUTS

To grant access to SUTS, please fill out the account number and activation code in the Autofile configuration form.

You should have been given the activation code when you first signed up SUTS.

If you no longer remember your activation code, you can contact them at Phone: Mon-Fri 8-4:30 at 720-795-7759, Email:

New SUTS Account

If you do not have a SUTS account, we will be creating one for you free of charge. You will be able to see your SUTS account number and activation code in the Autofile configuration.

Sidr Colorado Autofile uses SUTS because SUTS supports most of the home-ruled jurisdictions, and this lowers your compliance risk.

Home-ruled Jurisdictions

Since Sidr Tax files Colorado sales tax using SUTS, we cover most of the home-ruled jurisdictions. However, there a still a few jurisdictions not support at the moment:
You can refer to the official listing by Colorado SUTS here.

Retail Delivery Fee

If you made more than $500,000 in retail sales in Colorado for the prior year, you will also need to file retail delivery fee. The retail delivery fee is $0.29 for every transaction you delivered to Colorado customers. However, if you business is new in Colorado, or if you made less than $500,000 in retail sales last year, you can simply disregard the retail delivery fee, and your retail delivery fee will be automatically closed.

Sidr Tax's AutoFile service does not support the filing of the Retail Delivery Fee return. Clients are responsible for submitting this separate return, which is due on the same schedule as regular sales tax returns. Please note that Sidr Tax will not file this return on your behalf, and late submissions may incur state penalties. Should you require assistance with filing your Retail Delivery Fee return, please refer to Colorado's official explanation. If you have additional questions, we recommend contacting the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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