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How to register for a sales tax permit in Louisiana

License Types

For sales tax purposes, Louisiana has three different license types. 

Remote Seller: Seller has no physical presence in the state but makes more than $100,000 in annual sales or has 200 or more transactions in the state. This is most common among Shopify merchants.
Direct Marketer: Seller has no physical presence in the state, Seller is not a remote seller or remote retailer, Seller voluntarily registered to collect tax.
Standard: The seller has physical presence (e.g. people, property) in the state.
You can learn more about the license type from the official remote seller site.

Next Steps

After Sidr Tax finishes your registration, we will provide you with your sales tax ID and account logins.

If your account time is remote seller, you can then access your account at Louisiana Remote Sellers.

Want to setup Autofile?

Learn more about the Autofile feature here.
Learn more about Louisiana-specific Autofile requirements here.

Updated on: 02/22/2024

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