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How to register for a sales tax permit in Idaho

Create an Idaho TAP Account

The Idaho TAP is the Idaho system for sales tax filings. After Sidr Tax finishes your registrations, you will receive your sales tax ID, filing frequency, and a registration code in the mail.
Once you receive your sales tax ID, filing frequency and registration code, please create an Idaho TAP account.

(Optional) Access Idaho Business Registration System (IBRS)

The Idaho Business Registration System (IBRS) is used to obtain your sales tax license.
After Sidr Tax finishes your registrations, we will provide you with username and password to the Idaho Business Registration System (IBRS). You can access that information by going to the registration page and clicking the details button. You can login and view your application, or make changes to your application in the future. Since we manage the application for you, you do not need to make any changes here for the current registration.

Want to setup Autofile?

Learn more about the Autofile feature here.
Learn more about the Idaho-specific Autofile requirements here.

Updated on: 02/23/2024

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