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Updating Your AutoFile Enrollment Following a Frequency Change Notification from the State

Occasionally, you might receive a notification from the state regarding a change in your filing frequency for sales tax. This change means that the state has updated how often you need to file and pay your sales taxes—monthly, quarterly, or annually. Here’s what you need to do if you receive such a notification and are enrolled in Sidr Tax's AutoFile service.

Immediate Actions to Take

1. Notify Sidr Tax:

If you're enrolled in AutoFile, it's crucial that you inform us of any frequency change notifications immediately. Please send a copy of the notice to, or let us know through chat. This allows us to update your filing schedule in our system accordingly.

2. Do Not Update Frequency Yourself:

As the owner of the registration, you are the direct recipient of all state-issued notifications, including frequency changes. Our system does not automatically receive this information from the state, and updating the frequency yourself in your account could lead to discrepancies in your filings. Please do not attempt to make this change yourself.

Why This is Important

Handling Your Last Return at Current Frequency:

We need a copy of the frequency change notice to ensure that your last return under the current frequency is filed correctly. Without this, your AutoFile enrollment will not be updated, which could result in penalties or interest fees from the state for missed or incorrect returns.

Avoiding Penalties and Ensuring Compliance:

Not updating your AutoFile to reflect the new frequency can lead to compliance issues. By informing Sidr Tax promptly and allowing our Filing Team to make the necessary adjustments, you safeguard against potential fines and ensure continued compliance with state laws.

What Sidr Tax Will Do

Once we receive your frequency change notice, our Filing Team will:

Verify the Details: We will review the notice to confirm the first applicable date for filings under the new frequency. If the filing frequency was changed when it did not have to be Sidr Tax may reach out to the state department to request to rollback changes.
Update Your Enrollment: We will update your AutoFile enrollment on our end. This update ensures that your future filings will automatically align with the state's new filing schedule for your account.

If You Are Not Enrolled in AutoFile

If you are not using Sidr Tax’s AutoFile service, the responsibility for updating your filing frequency and submitting your state sales tax returns falls on you.

You should:

File as Per Current Frequency: Continue to file your sales tax returns according to the current filing schedule until the new frequency takes effect.
Update Your Frequency: After filing under the old schedule for the last time, update your filing frequency to match the new state requirements.
Record Payments: Ensure that you record these payments in your filing history to maintain accurate records.

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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