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Filing Schedule and Monthly Estimated Remittance Report

Filing Schedule

DatesActionsPerformed By
1stMonthly estimated remittance report availableSidr Tax
1st - 5thReview monthly estimated remittance reportYou
5th - 15thFilings by Sidr TaxSidr Tax
15thSchedule paymentSidr Tax

Sidr Tax begins filing for our clients between the 5th- 15th of each month, and we schedule all payments on the 15th. If we file past the 15th, we will default payments to go out as soon as the state site allows. During this time frame, you want to ensure that your payment methods on file are properly funded for the payments to process without issue, not doing so may result in rejected payments and penalty fees and interests. We will also go over the monthly estimated remittance report.

Monthly Estimated Remittance Report

At the beginning of each month, Sidr Tax provides an estimated tax to remit for the month. It's calculated based on the actual tax you collected from the customer previously.
The total number of the monthly estimated remittances is based on the filing periods that Sidr Tax is autofiling for you.
There is a capability to filter into previous months to view previous filings.

Access the Monthly Estimated Remittance Report

You can visit the Monthly Estimated Remittance Report directly from this link.
You can also navigate to the report by following the steps below:
To access the monthly estimated remittance report, click Autofile on the left navigation
Go to the filing history tab.
By default, no filing months are chosen. You can change it to the latest month.

Review the Monthly Estimated Remittance Report

Filing period: This is the period that Sidr Tax is filing for you. There are a few different kinds:
2024 Jan: This is a monthly filing for Jan.
2024 Q1: This is a quarterly filing for the first quarter.
2024 H1: This is a semi-annual filing for the first half of the year.
2024 Annual: This is an annual filing for 2024.

Collected Tax: This is the estimated amount that Sidr Tax will remit on your behalf. The actual remittance amount can be slightly different from the collected amount.

Export: You can export the report as a CSV to perform additional analysis.

Payment Account Balance

It is important to make sure that you keep a healthy balance in your payment account before filing. To know the balance you need to keep, export the monthly remittance report, and sum up the Collected Tax column.

Learn more about the filing history from this article.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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