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How to setup Autofile for California

This is a state-specific guide. Learn about setting up Autofile in general here.
Just finished registration? Please read the registration guide first.

Provide third-party access security code

Find your sales tax account ID on your CDTFA account home page.

Sidr Tax requires third-party access to your CDTFA account to enable Autofile. After you fill out the enrollment info with Sidr Tax, we will send a request to the CDTFA for access. You will receive the security code within 7-10 business days. Learn about shortening this in the pro tip section. You will see the request coming from Tongbo Huang.
Please provide us the security code. You can drop us a message through chat or email email us at
Before the enrollment process is complete, you will still need to manually file.

Pro Tip

If you don't want to wait 7-10 business days, it's possible to get the security code right away by calling CDTFA at 800-400-7115. Press 1 for English, and 1 for Sales & Use Tax.
CDTFA doesn't allow electronic filings for annual filers. However, CDTFA also requires at least quarterly filing if you have at least $100 in sales tax per year. They will eventually increase your filing frequency, but if you want to expedite that to enable electronic filing, you can call the CA Office of Control Local office in Sacramento 916-227-6600, and press 0.

Updated on: 02/08/2024

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