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Bank account Requirements

When setting up your bank account for tax payments with Sidr Tax, it's essential to meet specific requirements to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process. Here are the key requirements you need to know:

U.S.-Based Banks Only:

Sidr Tax requires that all bank accounts used for tax payments must be based in the United States. This policy helps in maintaining compliance with U.S. banking regulations and facilitates easier management of transactions.

Type of Account:

The bank account must be a checking or savings account capable of handling electronic transfers (ACH).
Sidr Tax does not support credit card. Please review this article for more details.

Account Holder Information:

The name on the bank account must match the registered business or individual name on your Sidr Tax account. This alignment is crucial for validating the source of the funds and for security purposes.

Routing and Account Numbers:

You will need to provide both the routing number and the account number of your bank account. The routing number is essential for identifying the financial institution, while the account number specifies your unique account within that institutio

Updated on: 05/08/2024

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